Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday coffee musings

Remember the comprehension tests? Pretty simple yes? Read a story and then give a synopsis. My answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes it is simple if there are no emotional content ie a simple factual account.

But now watch what happens when there is emotional content.....

Have you ever asked a simple question and then recieved the strangest convoluted answer?

Ever asked someone beside about an event that you both witnessed and the account completely varies from yours?

Ever shown anyone a white sheet and all they see is the black dot? :)

I continually see this in myself and others. Very hard to stick to just what is real, what is verifiable and just in front of our nose. In cantonese they say "Kar Yim, Kar cho" ie Add salt and vinegar.

But hey! what has that to do with chess? Sorry, coffee running out. But before I go, I think the answer (on my next refill) applies not only to chess but to business, to life.....

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