Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First GM announces 90's Perak Champion

I met up with another chess dad yesterday evening for a quick cup of coffee and ended up talking for 4 hours. He is the father of Deon Moh. For some strange reason his son's achievement and contribution to chess has been deleted from Perak's chess history. I have heard of Deon's name mentioned in tournaments outside of Perak but could never get an account of him during my time in PICA.

I hope I can make up in some small way by giving him the recognition on this blog. Please see here his contribution to Perak and Malaysian chess.

PS: The link has been removed at request of parent. I will try to put up a small write up when I have the time. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


  1. Hi,

    Deon Moh was a great talent during the 90's. I remember losing to him in National Closed in 90`s when he beat My Sicilian Dragon with move 10.Kb1 .

    Unfortunately he disappear from chess scene few years after.


  2. Hi Hairulov

    His dad says that he is in Singapore now. As for why he dissapeared, its not my story to tell.

  3. Deon was offer the Asean Scholarship and now working in Singapore.

  4. Wow most chess players whom I know have become successful in the current stages of their lives..chess is indeed an extremely powerful tool..all you need are the 64 squares and 32 pieces to start off, together with some passion and effort and above all sincere interest to explore the game in greater depth...fantastic stuff..chess should be implemented in schools

  5. Yes, Deon has shown us a path. An Asean scholarship would be nice. Maybe have another tea tarik session Don. :)

  6. ASEAN scholarship is quite hard to get. If im not mistaken one must go through an IQ test, math and english test as well. Once pass, youd be channelled through a lengthy interview where your personality and wittiness will be carefully scrutinized by the panel.

  7. Yes, most chess players landed with scholarship
    and they are well recognize. Chess is indeed an
    important tool for development. It build character,attitude and it open doors. It would be great for chess to be recognize by parents as important as mental arithmetic.
    Anytime , Raymond.