Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why do we stay stuck?

Many people love to point the finger to explain why they are stuck. I am very often amazed at the ingenuity and creativity expended on giving excuses. The reality is they love their dramas. Read here.

The drama game is usually one of the lowest common denominator. If I can't do it and you do it, it'll make me look bad. And so.....

Without the drama they have to produce results. They have to face their feelings of inadequacy. Thay have to face their fears. So they take the path of least resistance.

Of course it is not easy to face ones fears but if it is not faced the GM won't come. Question. Is there such a thing as a fear ridden GM?

If a way could be found to transfer all that ingenuity and creativity to finding results, imagine where we'll be.

If you want to know more. Read here.


  1. I thought there was something about this like, a month ago.


  2. The title is on the same topic but the analysis is very different. Engage the content and you will see. Thank you for highlighting it here. I think it makes a good juxtaposition.