Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Correct effort and measurable results.

What is correct effort? It is effort that creates a result. It has a direction. It is the product of resultant force.

Lets use a simple physics example here. If all of us are pushing in all direction at an object and the forces are equally distributed, the net resultant force is zero. No movement and wasted effort.

Another example. If we place all our energy and push against a wall and the wall does not move, then no work was done.

If there is no direction, then we cannot achieve acceleration despite the effort.

O level physics.

So what is the direction so correct effort can be placed?

There are still many things we cannot agree on, the role of the Associations, the role of Academies etc. Without clarity on these issues we cannot have a structure that supports direction.

So we need a dialogue. We need to see clearly what is it that Associations can really do and under what conditions. We need some reality checks. We need to understand how organisations grow. We need to understand how to develop our human resources so we have skilled people doing the necessary work. And we need to understand how to reward them fairly.

Right now, saying Singapore etc. etc. does it better as a bludgeon to hammer MCF is not helpful. Bring the evidence, how are they doing things, how is their set up different from ours. Details and analysis are needed not accusations.

So step 1, for direction we need dialogue to build consensus.

I suggest one between MCF and all the Chess Academies, Training schools and functioning Associations. I limit it here because these are the workers, the people who do and so have deeper insights. So this discussion can be one that solves real problems not imagined ones. Once direction is set we know who is moving in the direction and who is not. Right now, we dont even know that. After all these years!!

After that we can look at step 2. Measurable results and feedback mechanisms. It is not about the personalities involved (although unsolicited recognition is motivating).

It's about milestones so we know that the effort is going somewhere. Then history can see the results. It is the results we are looking for. That is important.
eg: 20 FM's in 5 years. Then we know for sure we are not going in circles. Set the direction, then measure it.

To achieve this, it is best that positive forces are engaged. My experience shows there are negative forces that come not to help but to frustrate. Hopefully we can avoid the dramas which take us nowhere. :) Remember resultant force from above?

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