Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Acceleration- Rate of Change

In my last posting, I said that if there is no movement, no work was done. By movement I meant result, measurable result since perception is not reliable. Since we have no clear direction and no proper yardstick to measure results, I think it is fair to conclude that we are going in circles; that our chess community is engaged in a drama.

To break this drama, efforts must be made to set a direction and to set milestones.
Having a direction has another implication. Rate of change. It is not enough just to change, we need to set a rate of change ie acceleration that is greater than the nations we are in competition with. Or we simply wont catch up.

Without a direction we cannot have acceleration, as the efforts cannot be directed. That is the task before us. Set the direction and then the GM will come.

And so we need a discourse, a dialogue to set that direction. The challenge here is how to have this without it turning into a drama itself.

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