Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is concentration?

This is generally thought of as the ability to focus on only the relevant. Another way to look at this is its the ability to reduce the chatter in the mind. Look closely at the chatter. It is imagined fears.


  1. Raymond,
    Please double read the last passage, as it refers to you (in a positive way :).
    From Susan (Zsusza) Polgar's blog:
    "It is easy for the fans at home to criticize the players. How can that “@^&#*” not see that? How is it possible for that “*&@^#!” to miss something so simple? It is obviously easier said than done.
    I went through this before and I can tell you on a personal level that it was not fun. Sometimes the emotion can take over a player’s body and mind and the player goes through this annoying helpless feeling. Sometimes you see thing that are not there and your mind simply plays trick on you. I spoke to many of my professional colleagues about this issue. They all have to deal with various types of emotions during a big game or event.
    Every player faces these mixed emotions. The best players simply control it better. This is also why having a good coach (or excellent seconds) can be so helpful. They can help calm the players down."

  2. Thank you. Those are precisely the issues I would like to tackle. That means looking out of merely the 64 squares.