Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I saw Yeoh Li Tian play, again

At the Selangor Open, I saw Li Tian's game again. On 3 occasions, if memory serves, I saw him deep in thought and his clock was ticking away. His opponent had way more time than him. What was surprising was when I looked down, he was winning!

Amazing! Usually I see the players deep in thought when they are losing. This boy is not lazy to think. When he finds an advantage he looks for more. No complacency. A strong thinker and player. And he has mastered the illusion of time.


  1. Let's hope he will be one of our own Malaysian GM, if not the first! Excelsior!

  2. This boy will be GM

  3. The boy will be GM if there is a road map for him.
    We now have a trainer who is a GM and we know , thanks to 1st GM there are sponsors like Air Asia for chess.
    Now if you want him or any player to progress he should have direct access to the trainer and sponsor.
    If not, how much RM4K is his father willing to invest?

  4. I'm kinda hoping my boy will have a shot too if he wants.

    But here's an important point.I think we need to stop thinking in absolutes and also telling other organisations what they should or should not do. It doesnt work that way.

    It's a long journey and what we need to do is to see the steps before us, one step at a time. Are we getting nearer, farther or just going round and round?

    Another really big point is to do whatever you can to reach that goal. Stop relying on others. Each of us need to take control of our own destiny. That is important.

  5. One more point. Dont rush to conclusions. We have only managed to get Air Asia to help out this once. The rest is up to us. The big big question is how to keep Air Asia interested. Many sponsors have come and gone. How do we get one big fella to stay. We need to think like Li Tian here. We have one foot in. Now what?