Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What are dramas?

Dramas are depicted by the type of behaviours that keep us spinning our wheels. They keep us on the same spot no matter how much energy is poured into the effort.

To see through dramas and to get results and movement we need to understand a few things and get rid of a few old assumptions. We need clarity on the role of Associations, of private initiatives like Academies. We need clarity on the role of tournaments and the role of development via training and coaching. In coaching I talk about goal setting for individual players that are determined in tournaments etc. See this article.

We need to see clearly our roles as parents, players, bloggers and all other stake holders like sponsors etc.

If we are not clear then Associations can be used to make money, accounts are hidden, no proper criteria can be set because it now goes against private money making initiatives within Associations. When I was in PICA, I argued that I have nothing against making money but it must be done outside the Association. Start an Academy I said. We need those. But an Association is an NGO. It is not meant for money making.

It is a fallacy that money should not be made from chess. We need top trainers and top coaches. And we need money to train them and pay them.

But an Association is not the place. Besides where would the money go? Not towards development I think. Associations, in my opinion, are meant to create guidelines, set criteria and to hold State and National tournaments, if they are able to, etc.

So I think officials should be chosen that are financially independent. But if this is not possible then proper rules against conflict of interests need to be established.

Or the drama continues. And so long as it continues we will not get a genuine GM in Malaysia. We will keep spinning our wheels.

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