Friday, May 21, 2010

Same page, same page.

Observe this in a drama. Two people are talking or even reading the same topic. In the conversation, one party (or both) delete in their mind, the parts of the conversation they dont like and add parts not in the conversation. Usually the addition comes in the form of supposed hidden motives that may not be there. The subtraction comes from the part that challenges their conclusions or world view.

Now they appear to be in discourse but really they are acting out 2 scripts, having two conversations. The same can be found in the reading.

So the art of communication is not one that is easy to achieve. It cannot be achieved by pretending to hear the other, making clucking noises and then continuing with your agenda.

The main difficulty in communication comes from being open to past conclusions being challenged. For past conclusions have an emotional content. It is uncomfortable to have it challenged.

But if that cannot be done, all learning stops. You cannot learn because you are protecting a worn out script that doesnt work anymore. And so you become stuck. You cannot progress. All you can do is engage in a drama and go round and round. There is no results. You have stopped listening, stopped learning because you cannot get to the same page as reality.

Without getting to the same page, nothing can be resolved. Everyone is talking about different things. Ergo, the drama. A lot of noise going nowhere.

And therefore no GM. The question below is what happened to our kids after U12? Or what did not happen?

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