Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Can we do this?

Just saw this amazing video, courtesy of Fiery_Rook. What really stood out to me was when a kid there said, "we work together to crush our opponents". Can we do this?

Go here.

Thanks Sham.


  1. Amazing they collected money (US 10,000!!) just for making videos for chess promotion!!

    If we can do those kinds of videos, that would be so great.

  2. Yes it is. The first step is to create the story. A story that is inspiring.

  3. wow! it's amazing!!! I start to feel jealous..

  4. Why feel jealous? It's not a good emotion. A good way to look at emotions is "energy in motion". So find some positive energy and then just do. Don't wait for others. You can start now.

  5. Dear Raymond,
    You are welcome.
    Hope to put more interesting videos on my blog in the near future. :)