Monday, May 24, 2010

What happens when you DO?

One identifying feature of "human nature" or how our mind works, is we always think we know.

There is a simple process that works this way. Read first, then say it outloud, then write it down. All are steps towards clarifying your mind. After reading, you think you know. When you try to explain it you realise, you've missed many things. And when you try to write it down, then you'll see how poor your understanding really is.

Then comes the acid test, the reality check. You try to DO.

If you are right, and your thinking conforms with reality, the change you want will happen. So you need effective feedback. In practice this becomes a continuous loop. Think, do, rethink, do again. This is called "correct" effort. If the effort is misapplied, nothing happens. Easy to say here but very hard to do. We keep fooling ourselves. So the best guide is results.

This is the same process for chess development too. As a player, official etc. Think about it.

So its a process and it "begins" with reading (observation). Reading with comprehension, engaging the material, facts, before you without dropping parts you dont like and adding new parts from your imagination.

But only when you do does your thinking begin to conform with reality. You start with trying to get small results, then bigger and bigger ones. But if you cannot even do that, get one small result, you are that much out of touch with reality. So Do first, if no results, check your thinking, check your comprehension. Then try again. Ergo, do then start the process I mentioned above.


  1. Ur article is always good for knowledge sharing. I heard of all these things that you publised over the last few months from people in chess fraternity (who trying to move a mountain) in the last 5 to 10 years.

    At last, there are people like u who willing to pen it down that allows wider spetrum of coverage among chess fraternity.

  2. Thank you. I hope to join my efforts to those already trying to move this mountain in the right direction.