Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why does FGM do what they do?

Ref: Here.

Over the many years in Malaysian chess, I have seen many talented children with amazing gifts. Then year on year I see them become more and more damaged. I strongly believe that many of the players that we taut as strong today may not go much further. Their journey is not true. Look at Paulo's journey here. This looks like the correct way to me.

As a parent I did not bring my child into chess to see my child damaged. I brought him into chess so that he can develop into someone who can succeed in a competitive and globalised world. This is what I wanted Mark to learn from chess. Here.

So yes it angers me. I don't hide that fact. I feel angry when these people take away the hopes and dreams of our children. It angers me when they want to force our children to become like them.

And so I have strived to keep FGM alive despite all the obstacles they have thrown in my path. Just so that there remains an alternative for those that want what I want for their children too.

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