Saturday, November 30, 2013

Training for National Junior and Penang Open.

I have mentioned in a post here that we started sparring with Paulo from the beginning of this year. So by the time we went to the chess camp in Batangas we had already played over a hundred games with FM Paulo. I believe this is an important part of the process before we attend the chess camp. Here.

The chess camp is where we are able to device an even more streamlined training program since we are already known to each other. During the sparring I was getting feedback from Norlito and Paulo. I then compared the feedback to what Mark thinks was his progress.

At the chess camp we are able to see even more nuances and then fine tune. To me chess camps are not places to introduce each other. Chess camps are for fine tune ups and then a new training regime is introduced.

So we have been training since Batangas under the new training regime from the camp. And Norlito, Paulo and Jayson has assisted in giving feedback during all of the rest of November.

Now I feel we are ready for the start of our tournament runs to test our training to the fullest. Have we dealt with all that we needed to deal with within the given time? Are we still on track for the final goal which is the National Close next year?

These are the questions that this interim run is meant to answer. Looking forward to National Junior. Leaving later this morning.

Our wish for National Junior. Here.

The difference lies in the training. Here.

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