Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FGM's criteria for student selection.

Please go here to view our Vision and Philosophy.

Now please read this. Here. I wrote this in Feb 2009 and I started FGM Chess Academy in 2010. Yes, it has taken me a long time to finally figure out what it takes so that we too can see our Juniors/children shine on the International stage. I have made many mistakes along the way as I struggled to learn and it is now coming to the end of 2013.

But during this long journey, I knew this much. I will not compromise on standards. I will not work with people that do not believe in our children. And I will not take the short cuts. For me, taking the short cuts tantamount to me not believing in our children's gifting and it also means that I do not have the confidence in myself to find solutions. And to me that means I have already lost before the fight has even begun.

So FGM must remain true to it's Vision and Philosophy or it is nothing at all.

Note: I mentioned somewhere that I was speaking to Norlito for over a year. That is a true statement but not totally accurate. In fact we have been talking for over 2 years. I needed to know without any doubt that Norlito and his team shared my beliefs and dedication too or I would not have proceeded to invite him to join FGM. Ref: Here.

With that short history and synopsis, I would like to briefly introduce our selection criteria for student intake. We are a small team with proven track records. To stay true to our mission we cannot take many students and still maintain the quality of our training. So to be fair to us also, we will only take students that are committed to training. In the process of training under us we will also instruct you on goal setting etc. (As I have mentioned in my article from 2009 above).

Note: For the younger children we need to meet with the parents as they will be the cornerstone of the training regime.

The training modules will roughly be in 3 stages. Please refer to me for further detail. However I need to stress here that our training camps will be very small so that we can focus on the individual players needs and therefore the training camps are only for those that we feel are ready for International level competition. And so it is by invitation only. Ref: Here. I hope we are clear on this. That is the only way we can fulfill our mission.

Thank you for your past support, time and understanding.

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