Thursday, November 14, 2013

Final word on Li Ting's run in India.

Ref: Here.

Do you see something wrong with Li Ting's run? Ref: Here.

I have been saying this for years and years now but it keeps falling on deaf ears. I have tremendous respect for all our top girls. I think they have more "balls" than many of our guys. But however talented they are, they need to be properly trained before we send them into the ring. They need to be shown the way to win. If we keep sending out our fighters unarmed(or with the wrong weapons),untrained, unprepared and with the wrong support and they keep getting hammered and hammered and hammered, again and again and again, they will be damaged. No two ways about it.

Now why can't MCF see that? And after all these years and after seeing so many of our once strong players fall by the wayside?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with our players. They are as talented and as gifted as any in this region. In this world. We have the talent and the resources to build regional Champions as a starting point. Ref: Here.

But in which direction is MCF taking us? Doesn't it make your heart bleed to see such roaring fires slowly dimmed by sheer neglect and stupidity? MCF is the custodian of our gifted children. But either they can't see that or they don't want to see that.

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