Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How does learning blindfold chess improve your game?

Ref: Here.

I have made a few enquiries about this before from different sources but never got a convincing answer. So when Norlito suggested it at our chess camp in Batangas, we went for it. I wanted to see for myself if learning blindfold chess really improved your game or it was just a novelty.

This is what we found out. Lets pause a little. Let me ask you a question here so you can follow my reasoning better. Have you ever calculated variations in a particular position and then missed out a crucial one?

There are many reasons for this of course. But consider this. You have arrived at a position. You cannot touch your pieces or you have to move it. So what do you do?

Do you not play out the variations in your mind? Is that not an untrained form of blindfold chess? So our conclusion is yes, learning blindfold chess can improve your game.

Playing and training in blindfold chess aids your tactical/positional vision by improving visualisation. 

So we are keen to bring this training to Malaysia. Remember, in the Philippines, even the street players can do this. So we need to catch up, no?

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