Friday, November 15, 2013

Memory of past conversations.

In particular the memory of past conversations with a certain individual in MCF.

Just before the last AGM, I recall we had a conversation where you explained to me that it was all about the pursuit and retention of power. Yes, I can dig that. I may even understand and appreciate what you were saying. I am not that slow.

Once at a meeting in KL, you told me you are a brilliant strategist. I can see that too. You seem to have outmaneuvered many within the Council. You even seem to have managed to get those who were voted in on the program of change to knock each other out of the Council. Now you have the helm again. So you have proven your point. You are indeed brilliant as a strategist. They just have the remaining posts but you have the power. Clever.

So from your position of strength, I hope you won't mind if I make a small observation here. I have noticed this since we first talked in 2009, that you seem to agree with everyone. So when I was concerned about the state of development of chess in Malaysia, you would agree. When things are said about the abuse of power you would agree too. Sometimes it seems to me that you agree with everything and everyone and in your conversations you can agree with very contradictory things all in one breath.

That is the gift of a "politician". Depending on where they are, they are able to say the things they think the audience wants to hear. That is indeed a supreme gift. The ability to say many things and nothing at all. And so you have also mastered deflection and misinformation. In addition to the old skills like selective threats and intimidation when there are no witnesses etc.

So it is all about politics, the pursuit and retention of power. And nothing else. I can see that much more clearly now.

And what we talked about in 2009, to bring in development etc is lost in time. You even agreed with me during Mal/Sing Jan 1st 2011 that the crop of senior players we had then were all washed out.

But I still wonder, maybe because I am a little slow, are you not also only slowly digging your own grave too? There are still many people who really want to see development. Not just the "talk". They want to see strong players coming out of Malaysia. They want to see our own GM. Not one made in China but one that is homegrown. One made by our own effort because they deeply and truly believe Malaysia Boleh.

What about them? Don't you think we can do it? Do you think you can hammer them all into the ground? But you are the supreme strategist. So I am sure you have figured out the way to deal with that too.

Just wondering while having my morning coffee.

ps: Just in case you think I am out of touch, there are still people telling me what you are doing. So yes, I can see you are trying something. But somehow I still think you may be missing the point. But that's just me k.

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