Monday, November 18, 2013

Minister want sports to be given priority in schools.

Ref: Here.

Will chess be a beneficiary of this "new" policy? Not according to this feedback. Here.

I believe the key issue lies in the selection of players to represent the Country. Are we sending out our best and strongest players well trained, well prepared and well supported? Or are we sending out players from the failed trainers? Ref: Here.

I am not even sure if it is what our chess community thinks that will be the determining factor. I think it is what MOE, NSC and the University thinks that will be the deciding factor. But I do think that if we make a clear stand on this, it will be a good first step.

And that is why I have argued so strongly for clear, unbiased written selection criteria. And clear implementation clean of manipulation. And this process must be open and transparent.

What is MCF doing to ensure that all our investments into our players and for the genuine development of chess is not washed down the drain?

See these posts to see how it can be if we get this right. Here. And Here.

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