Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yee Weng writes in to clarify.

Yee Weng has written in to clarify his position vis-a-vis my post "The case for increasing internal competition".

Quote. "I have given MCF full backing for the Malaysian Masters and I will only play for Malaysia when properly selected". 

He has reiterated that he will only play for the National Squad if properly selected and believes that only the best deserves to be in the National Squad and will qualify on merit. Accordingly, having had the liberty of hearing him out, I will reserve and qualify the comments that may appear to implicate him in a negative light by saying that he is not party to the machinations of Jimmy and give him my best wishes.

I welcome Yee Weng's statement which will be a huge relief to the Malaysian Chess Community and sets us out in a new direction to bring Malaysian chess to the next level. Thank you IM Yee Weng for making a principled stand.

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