Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A new attempt to foster inter State cooperation and to increase independent funding.

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I have been asked to promote this new event and idea. The Acta 502 referred to in the objective is the Acta Koperasi 1993. The difference between a Koperasi and an NGO is that a Koperasi is for profit whereas an NGO like MCF is non profit.

On the whole, I think this is a good idea for it may solve some of the problems of the State Affiliate or MCF officials who are not paid. So maybe this can alleviate the financial pressure if it is done properly.

I hope the chess community will look upon this effort as a positive development. It is important that we see ourselves as partners in developing Malaysian chess and not as adversaries. Our true opponents is outside the Country and we will meet them in healthy competition in International tournaments. If the entire Malaysian chess community can see this then we will be much stronger.

The issues that have lead to the polarisation of the chess community is because legitimate grievances have not been recognised and addressed in the past.

Lets set this as the goal. To bring Malaysian chess to the next level. And all matters that prevent us from doing so must be addressed and resolved. So no more excuses and no more back doors. This is important. We have all dedicated ourselves to the development of chess in Malaysia. We have all sacrificed. We have all invested towards a brighter future for Malaysian chess. So no more special privileges.

Chess is a sport. Lets not have politics enter this arena. The answer to right and wrong in chess lies on the table and not on the blogs and PR campaigns. Let the table decide which way to go. And let us work together to get there. We need a vibrant chess community to forge forwards so sabotaging our own players is not the way to go.

The issue of paying the officials without sufficient independent income also needs to be resolved. And this is an effort to address the problem. So lets get it solved.

Then we will flourish and the first Malaysian GM will come.

FGM wishes the new Koperasi all the best. It's a bold move and if thought through properly, can contribute positively to Malaysian chess.

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