Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MCF, you need to get a handle on Peter.

Ref: Here.

No, this is not the review of Peter's selection criteria yet. This is a post asking MCF to control Peter. Peter's announcement that the National Close is on the 3rd May is causing a lot of confusion. Friends have told me that they are not going to Selangor Open because National Close is on the 3rd and I just spoke to the host Terengganu and was informed that NC won't be on the 3rd but later. Date to be confirmed. That is very irresponsible of Peter.

This is the published calender for the year and the parents and players have all made plans around it. Here.

Can we have official announcements done properly? Peter is out of control and MCF must put him back in line. Wait for my review tomorrow on the selection criteria. What I can make of it that is. Even that announcement is not clear.

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