Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An appeal from Selangor Chess.

Ref: Here.

The list of inactive players. This list makes for interesting reading. Actually I have had feedback from some strong players in the past, including former National Masters on that list, that one of the reasons why they don't play in classical events anymore is because they believe there is a closed shop for the senior squad.

There are signs that this may be changing. Read this carefully. Here. Midway; from the line, MCF Council.....

So there may be more places offered from National Close and it also sounds like nobody "automatically" qualifies just because of title or high rating. There is hope yet for a level playing field guys and gals; that it will be based on your chess skills alone.

I have also been informed that the dates for National Close cannot be confirmed at the moment as PRU may fall on the 11th of May. So wait for the announcement but start preparing now. It is very unlikely that it will happen on the 3rd as previously announced by Peter so Selangor Open will be a good place to warm up for National Close. See you guys there.

Good luck and all my best in your chess development.

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