Monday, April 8, 2013

Feedback from Kedah.

First off let me congratulate Kedah for a very well organised tournament. The tournament ran like clockwork and the rounds started on time. The event also managed to attract many of the strongest players in Malaysia.

I was informed that Terengganu has proposed that National Close be held on the 11th April. That makes much more sense than the 3rd, directly after Selangor Open, for such a prestigious event.

I also canvassed opinions for the selection criteria of the senior squad and this is the perception of the top players there and those others interested.

It is perceived without exception, that the selection criteria by Peter is designed to protect the weaker IM's. This perception raises the question if some of our Masters are really Masters. Consider this. Can Masters be afraid of competition? If you are truly Masters then you will want to demonstrate to Malaysia just what it means to be a Master, isn't it? Why would you need to be protected? If you are the best, you are the best. Simple enough.

Also, if you are unable to compete in Malaysia then will you be able to compete on the World or Regional stage?

It is believed that a fairer selection criteria is a playoff between the top 7 of National Close with the top 6 of the active list plus 1. Then the top 8 of the playoff will become the National squad with 2 reserves from the top 10.

So there will be 4 casualties from the bottom up. And no one has any protection and all will have to fight for their place, titles or not; high rating or not.

This is the best way to send out our very strongest players to represent Malaysia.

The current environment is very distorted from past practices of going for ratings instead of improving their chess and it will be best if we start out again based on our current realities. It should not be a closed shop. It is believed that if we can end this close shop, we will release the energy that has been locked up in Malaysian chess for many many years now.

A level playing field with no fear or favour and then we will really see that Malaysia boleh.

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