Monday, April 15, 2013

A technical question for our arbiters.

When I was in Kedah, Najib made a ruling for the blitz event there. The ruling was if the player knocked down a piece or the clock, then he must correct the mistake on his own time and not press the clock. This is a good ruling as under time trouble, I have seen players knock down the clock after they have pressed it and so the opponent has to correct this on their time. The other scenario is that they will knock down their pieces and then press the clock thereby causing confusion on the board. The third scenario is that they knock down their pieces, then knock down the clock after they have pressed it.

It would be good if the arbiters can clear up this technical point up so that we can have better tournaments in the future. So my question is if this ruling also applies to rapid and classical time control? And if it does apply to rapid and classical then what are the remedies under Fide rulings if this occurs?


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