Friday, April 5, 2013

The senior Malaysian squad selection criteria as explained to me.

A council member of MCF was kind enough to help clarify the selection criteria to me last night. So this is what I have been informed. The top 3 from National Close is automatically in the Malaysian squad and they will play in the Masters with the 6 on the active list plus last year's National Champion Roshan. So altogether 10 players allowed in the Masters.

The top 3 from National Close is guaranteed their places on the Malaysian senior squad even if they end up bottom of the Masters. So that means that there will be 2 places culled from the 6 plus 1 after the Masters.

After thinking about it this morning, it does represent an increase in internal competition. And that is good. Could it be better? Perhaps. Probably. But I think this is still a step forward.

Now the interesting thing is this. The 6 plus 1 can choose to risk playing in the Masters by automatic entry and see 2 of their numbers culled or they can choose to play at National Close and be guaranteed their places should they end up top 3. As far as I can see, this is perhaps a difficult decision for Roshan.

The question is this. If say Roshan decides to play in National Close, will the invitation be extended to the player positioned 7th on the active list which is Li Tian onwards? I hope that will be the case.

Then we will see a good Masters.

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