Thursday, April 4, 2013

Off to Kedah tomorrow.

For this event. Here.

My mum is from Penang and my late father was born in Alor Setar. And he used to travel up and down from Alor Setar to Penang while he was dating my mum. We all moved to KL when I was one. So I'm actually going back to my dad's State. Funny how things turn out.

Glad to be away from the big hoohah after Peter's post "Towards better selection and a committed National Team". Ref: Here.

I wonder how is it that he cannot see why having the National Close directly after Selangor Open is NOT towards better selection? The players from Selangor Open will be exhausted.

I wonder why he cannot see that the committed players PLAN their training and tournaments according to the calender given by MCF. They all live complex and busy lives.

So I must postulate that maybe he doesn't know this. Ref: Here. Maybe he is talking about himself and his cronies who don't understand commitment. Maybe he is talking about himself and his cronies who are so used to the back doors that they don't really understand about selection directly after another tough tournament without a decent break.

Maybe he has no experience bringing up a strong player or building up an Association.

Anyway glad to be away for the weekend. Maybe when I get back Peter would have grown up and will be talking some sense. You think?

Peter, I hope you don't mind a small suggestion here. If you are looking for committed players, just look outside of your few cronies. There are many strong and committed players outside of that group in Malaysia. But something tells me that you may already know that from the way you have structured your selection criteria.

If you really want to know what true selection is about, then try bringing up your own strong player without the use of back doors.

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