Monday, April 15, 2013

FGM comments on Zhuo Ren's inclusion into Malaysian Masters.

Ref: Here.

It is important that the selection criteria of MCF be properly respected and not only be fair but also seen to be fair. It was the perceived unfair past practices of MCF that lead to the serious revolt from the Malaysian chess community and I hope the new MCF council will take note of our concerns.

Peter argues that Zhuo Ren has been included for 2 reasons. The first is that his exams clashes with National Close and the other is that he has been covered by IM Goh. Ref: Here.

My questions are these. If the selection is based on the top 6 of the active list plus current NM, ref: here, then were the players ahead of Zhuo Ren contacted and given the right of refusal? This is important to show that there is no favoritism or personal agendas in the selection.

His reason that Zhuo Ren's exams clashes with National Close also does not carry much water. I was informed that the dates for National Close has not been confirmed and it was speculated that it may fall sometime in early June as sufficient time needs to be given for a National event and the next Council meeting is after Selangor Open. So how does Peter know that the dates will clash?

Surely we must be past the stage of PR campaigns for National selection by now? Hasn't any lessons been learnt from the Li Tian PR campaign and the uproar it caused?

Yes, there are many strong players that may be missed out by the narrow selection criteria as it now stands. The best way to make it more representative would be to increase the numbers allowed to qualify from National Close. This way we will probably see the strongest Malaysian Masters and also the strongest National Close ever as well.

I hope that the new MCF Council will take note of this. Peter's inclusion of Zhuo Ren could very well be perceived as an attempt to perpetuate the back doors for hidden agendas.

Thank you for your time MCF, in hearing our concerns.

Note: The game on IM Goh's site is against a 1800. See here. It's not even a high quality game is it? There are only 2 GM's there so of course he is just behind them. Doesn't this look like another attempt to hoodwink the Malaysian chess community again?

If Peter's logic holds, then can we also send in a game against a 1900, cover the game on FGM blog and then cite that our exams will also clash with the unknown dates for National Close to be pre-selected into the Masters? Surely a game against a 1900 trumps a 1800?

And then what about Sumant, who is the first Junior to enter the senior squad by beating Mok and drawing with Yee Weng instead of taking the back door? Doesn't that count too?

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