Friday, April 12, 2013

Fadzil Nayan and Syazwan joins the fray at Bangkok open.


So now we have 3 Perakians in Bangkok Open that have declared that they have serious intentions for National Close. Fadzil, Yit San and Yit Ho. This is amazing. I believe we are now seeing this amazing energy released because there is now hope for a proper selection to the senior squad.

Let me talk a little about Fadzil since I know him well. He was a child prodigy from Perak and was showing extraordinary talent from Standard 3. One day I met his mum in a tournament and she was telling me about how they used to try to sideline him early on in his chess development. I suppose she was telling me this because she wanted me to know that it was not just Mark alone that was victimised. This happens to many who have the potential to shine but does not come from the "ordained inner group".

But Fadzil has been coming back and doing well in his University chess and I am always happy to see him in tournaments.

There is always a chance if you get back on the horse and fight again. Put the past behind you and get back into the fray. Good luck Fadzil and Syazwan. All my best.

I have also said that I will be watching out for our strongest Junior this year who is Fong Yit San. From what we saw in Kedah he has developed some powerful weapons. Lets also see what Peter has to say about this here. Last paragraph.

I suppose Peter as our Technical chair in MCF knows a lot more about chess than the rest of us. Lets see if he has good judgement and things work out the way he predicts. He has been wrong many times before but maybe he will be right this time.

Lets see when Bangkok Open starts on Sunday.

FGM wishes all our players in Bangkok Open all the best. May all your hard work and investments land you in the place you deserve.

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