Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The principal contradiction

This seems to me to be the knot that ties all other knots. The fact that MCF officials are not paid. For the full time posts there needs to be fair compensation. Chess cannot be seen as a hobby if we are demanding medals from International Competitions. For medals we need a professional team.

The real issue I think is value for money. That means we must know the level of service we are paying for and at what price.

A good way forward is a proposal from MCF to the chess community for us to examine the cost structures involved. This proposal must be transparent so that we know where all the money is. The cost of organising all the International Tournaments. For instance, Malaysia/Singapore etc.

And in return for supporting this proposal we must ask for independent audit and transparency in decision making. We would also want a commitment to a process to weed out the dead wood.

If we can get to this, we can have a new beginning. That to me is a fair and realistic solution. Otherwise this dance of hide and seek will continue in perpetuity. And we will never be world class. All we will have is the same old drama. Screaming and shouting at one another for the next 30 years will not solve anything.

After all, if you think about it, parents and players are already paying for the officials whether you like it or not. But it is all hidden because our perception is that they should not be paid and theirs is they should. Read this on opportunity again. Here.

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