Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Arbitering a National Event

A National or International event is not like a normal local event. The stakes are higher. We are choosing a National Champion or displaying to the world our prowess at organising. There should not be a mis-step.

I have been getting calls from parents asking about the last minute inclusion of Sumant and siblings. As far as I know it is all above board but the negative perception is troubling.

To me the main point is that the Chief Arbiter was not present at the opening of the event to ensure that the Tournament is set off well. In fact he only came in on the third day. And he left before the play off. And there were controversies there too as to the rules of the play off. And it surfaced in the middle of the play off. This should not occur anymore given our experience in organisation.

MCF needs to be more mindful of the players and the parents by making sure that the results of the event is beyond dispute. I hope this type of mistakes will soon be a thing of the past and MCF moves to continually improve. A postmortem without fear or favour will be helpful towards this end.

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