Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After dinner musings of Malaysia/Singapore match.

We have transferred to the Singapore Open instead of the age group and Mark has been invited to be an official player for the Malaysia/Singapore match based on his performance at the National Juniors.

So we have about 2 and a half days to do some emergency repairs before travelling again. This is my musing now. We know Singapore has a Coach to collect database of our games. This is a good thing. Preparation is key. They at least have current data of our players from Asean, Penang Open and our National Juniors which we have placed in chessresults.com.

Now what do we have? We have a very strong sense of team spirit from the recent National Junior. Lets hope that is enough.

Or maybe MCF can come up with some ideas to help the players out. My suggestion is to dedicate someone to compilation of some database and get it to the players asap to give them a little more edge.

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