Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday musings with coke.

Having a cold coke and looking forward to the National Juniors to test out new ideas. Ziaur was a real blessing in helping us fill in the blanks. I hear Jasur is also great with the kids. Hope they sort out his stay. Firey is doing a fantastic job keeping us informed of latest games around the globe and there are plenty of quality tournaments in Malaysia.

Now all we need is some quality leadership from MCF and we will go far. This looks like a start. Here.

ps: Hmmmm I dont understand the selection criteria again. Is there any and if so where is it?


  1. Of course there is no selection criteria. They just pick whoever they think is "good". Jonathan Chuah is called up after maybe at least 5 years of not having played a single game of chess. This is normal.

  2. It would be good if MCF can explain the selection process. For the juniors some were set out before NAG. It doesnt seem to be followed. Clearly spelling things out at the beginning of the year would stop all these accusations. I hope a better attempt will be made next year. MCF cannot to lose more credibility. This will further handicap their future plans, if any.