Monday, December 20, 2010

Our National Junior experience

Armed with a few work in progress "theories", we went to the National Junior in search of the coveted National Junior Master trophy and title but came back to Perak with something much more valuable.

Round after round we found that our working assumptions were correct and strategies were working and then in the final round we met an invigorated and fighting Syakir. It was an honour to go down to him. He fought like a true Champion.

Going into the play off we knew our percentage chance were reducing as we have never experienced a play off before and had no idea how it would work. But Mark continued fighting to the end and finally Zhuo Ren's superior experience and stamina won the day.

All in all I believe we have found the right overall Champion in Lim Zhuo Ren for 2010 although in my eyes all the players in the play off were Champions in their own right. Sumant, Jianwen, Syakir, Zhuo Ren and Mark.

What was to be our most valuable prize was to experience the sportsmanship and generosity of spirit displayed by all the players and parents present in the play off; together with the learning gained. FGM salutes our fighting players and if we can keep this up we can bring the fight to Singapore. Guys, it has been an honour. We are proud of you all.

Malaysia Boleh.

ps: To our well wishers, Mark is ranked first but is officially second after the play off. We are happy with the results and want to congratulate the Champion, Zhuo Ren. Well done and well deserved win. All my best.


  1. Congratulation to u and ur son. Mark equally deserved to be called a National Junior Champ with the other 4 players. A playoff is a kind of lottery sometimes.

  2. Wow, Raymond. You played a good second to your son! You are his inspiration! Keep it up!

    Great games from Mark Siew. Maybe a future GM himself! :))

  3. Hey man, you are doing a great job by giving us the latest ideas from games around the world. Teamwork lah buddy, then we boleh. :)