Monday, December 13, 2010


Perceptions are interesting. Once an impression is formed, it takes a lot of energy to change the perception. And MCF is a victim fairly or unfairly of negative perception. A historical legacy?

Take the case of FGM. When we sponsored the Asean Team, it was a simple and transparent case. Everything was reported openly on this blog. In a nutshell, MCF offered to parents a fee of RM1,500 for Air fares alone. FGM counter offered a fare of RM1,000 which included training by Ziaur. On top of that FGM got MCF to reimburse the parents for the difference in exchange rate which amounted to over RM300 in many cases. Therefore the offer by FGM actually became RM700 give or take with training instead of RM1,500 without training.

And yet FGM became tarred by the same brush as MCF. The many imagined versions of this offer was posted over the blogs.

And MCF did not even offer an explanation to clarify. But even if they had it may have made the problem worse because of their lack of credibility. So any engagement with MCF now becomes negative branding. A good way to lose our reputation by association. This is a problem for chess in Malaysia. I cannot imagine any good genuine sponsors willing to take that kind of risk with their reputation and good name.

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