Monday, December 13, 2010

Rebranding Chess

Branding is about the intangible products. Trust and credibility. If the products of chess are leaders who can produce results, understand risks, are gracious, can withstand pressure in healthy competition, understand competitor analysis and comparative advantage then we have what business is crying for.

Teamwork, balanced positive individuals is sought by businesses.

Then we are in synergy with business where the big sponsors are. An enquiring mind that does not shy away from challenges. A knowledgeable mind.

Chess can produce these type of people. And chess can also damage. We cannot reach good sponsors if the best we can show is the product of the parents ie up to U12.

The big question sponsors will ask is what are the Associations doing? Where is the team that will produce the results where I can brand my business with, by supporting chess?

If I am to align my business, my reputation, to chess today what will it say about my business, about my product and about me? What will people see?

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