Thursday, October 10, 2013

We need the cooperation of MCF before Malaysian chess can progress.

See here for the list of participants of Indonesian Open. Here.

Do you see any Malaysian participation below 2200?

This is the story. During Malaysian Open, I asked an MCF official if our players will be playing at the Indonesian Open. I was informed that the bar was set at 2200 and that we would need the intervention of MCF to request for a waiver for our players. I was then informed that MCF was writing in for our National squad. So I wrote in to MCF to request that they include Mark's name and that I would not need any sponsorship and will pay for our own way.

I did not expect any financial assistance since Mark is not in the senior National squad this year and Malaysia does not lose out in any way if we funded ourselves to go for the exposure. I was later informed that the Indonesian Federation did not give MCF any reply. Presumably they were not willing to compromise on the standards set. Fair enough.

(However I do contrast the attitude of MCF versus the attitude of the Philippines Federation. Their Federation worked hard to send their players to Indonesia Open with sponsorships etc.)

Ok. That is them. But here it seems that even if we were to pay for ourselves we get no support.

Now the big question is, how come one of our 1900 plus player (player no.108) get to play there when our Federation cannot even get us in officially? Isn't there something terribly wrong here? I hope MCF will conduct an investigation into what went so wrong that our players have missed the chance for the exposure at this event.

How, oh how, are we then going to get our own GM when our officials are sleeping in the drivers seat? You see the problem? Is it our National aspiration just to be jaguh kampung?

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