Sunday, October 20, 2013

Selection? It's about horse trading.

I was just asked this question and I have been asked this question many times before so let me try to answer this question here. I started speculating on the answer back in 2009 when I was the Chair of the selection committee in PICA and I tried to introduce written selection criteria. The terrible backlash which culminated in my unconstitutional sacking without any grounds speak on how key this issue is.

So this is my reasoning. There are 2 ways to get into the squad, State or National. Now if you are confident of your skills as a Coach or a player, you will choose proper selection.

But if you are not then you need to horse trade. A favour for a favour.

When that happens it isn't anymore about chess. It's about what deal you can offer for that spot.

I think that is why it is so so so difficult to get a proper selection criteria in. And even if you do manage to after much sacrifice, the very strong tendency of inadequate trainers will be to offer places to their inadequate players who may not qualify to justify for their existence. Inadequate players simply because their trainers who seek position in Associations are just not trying to improve their skills. So they go in to be able to horse trade.

You see the problem? There will only be 2 solutions to entry into the squad if they manage to reverse selection totally.

Note: There is still some semblance of selection left from the work done in 2010 and since but we are quickly losing it.

So if we lose written selection altogether instead of strengthening it at our next National Close, ref here, then to get to play for the National squad you'd better forget about chess and learn how to horse trade instead and you better have something good to trade with OR you can go and join Aron in China.

And since most of us won't be able to get to China or want to go there......

Ergo, control the selection chair and you control MCF and the chess community. Now all will have to play to your tune. You have the barter beads. You are the boss. "Kowtow here and then we will send you to compete with people who don't understand that word".

Now if this was true, that will be a good explanation as to why we are going backwards and everyone else is going forward.

But this is only just pure speculation of course. It can never happen here.

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