Monday, October 14, 2013

Indonesia Open, Aron Teh and Paulo Bersamina neck and neck.

Results here.

So here we have a Malaysian player trained in China and we have our training partner from the Philippines. And they are both doing relatively well in this crazily tough field. So this is my question. Where do you think the Malaysian players trained locally would be in that tournament?

If you think they may not fare so well then would it not beg the question why not? Could it be our training methods alone as opined in the comment here?  I agree with that comment but I also think there is much more. Our chess climate is very toxic. We actually have a system in place that not only does not reward gaining real knowledge in chess and chess ability but instead sabotage those players that want to learn how to compete by promoting back doors, manufactured numbers, askewed selection criteria etc etc etc.

So how can we still want our own GM when we cannot deal with those issues? You know our history. You even know the people involved in taking us to timbaktu. Actually we know what the problem is. The big question is do we want to fix it. Yes?

Ref: Here.

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