Saturday, October 19, 2013

What is the criteria?

SEA games. Here.

Asian Cities. Here.

Do you not find it confusing? Selangor but have Perak and Penang. Selangor and National squad but have non national squad player from another State. SEA games but have players who haven't even played recently in any local, International or selection tournaments. So what is the mysterious criteria?

I have always thought that politics and sports don't mix. Just like politics and education. Then I have heard some friends say that they want to remain neutral.

Actually when I hear that I wonder what they mean by that statement. Surely it is obvious that this is not about taking sides. The point is about whether good written selection criteria will take us forward or whether cronyism will take us forward.

I wonder if you can see the ramifications of this erosion of selection criteria. Has it been so long ago when we didn't even have any selection at all (written selection came in 2010) that we can't remember what it was like before that?

And is no one trying to guard the very small gains that was gotten by a lot of sacrifice over those years since? So is this the beginning of a slippery slide right back to where we were before 2010?

Having said that I think we will have the MCF we deserve.

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