Thursday, October 24, 2013

Special announcement for National Junior in Johore.

Ref: Here.

In case you are wondering why we are going to Manila then the answer is that we want to be better prepared for National Junior in December and then to be fully prepared for National Close by next year.

The National Juniors is a special event for the Juniors because anyone U20 can try to win this event. Basically you can be U12, U8, etc but if you are strong and you can win this tournament then you can claim to be the undisputed strongest Junior for the year.

(If you win the National Close, it is still not clear if you can claim to be the strongest player in Malaysia for that year since we have a system that is biased towards those that have high ratings but questionable chess for national squad selection. So it is my opinion that we need to strengthen this event to encourage strong fighting chess on the senior level in Malaysia).

So this is a special event. The Juniors are still untainted as far as fighting chess is concerned and you can use it as an accurate gauge of where you stand among your peers in chess. So see you guys there.

ps: I hear there are some concerns regarding the chief arbiter for this year's event so I hope measures will be taken so that this event will remain a premium event in Malaysian chess and won't be drawn into any untoward controversy.

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