Friday, October 25, 2013

What is the market price for an arbiter in a local event?

I asked a similar question when I organised the first training for our National Juniors by a GM before an International outing in 2010. As a new organiser then I was puzzled why I was charged double the GM's normal rate for events. This question was posed to the MCF of that time as they brought in the GM but I was "forced" to pay the extortionate amount since they "could not" see my argument.

Allow me to reiterate the argument here. I will willingly pay fair market rate that commensurates with the event. Charging me anything more tantamounts to cheating.

So what is the fair market price for an arbiter in a local event?

But there is more to this isn't there? What would happen to new organisers over time if they are "forced" to pay extortionate fees? What would happen to Malaysian chess?

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