Friday, October 4, 2013

The difference between premeditation and ignorance.

Some friends have asked me why I have singled out certain individuals to comment on. And I have debated this in an online forum for chess players before. In law there is also a distinction between premeditation and ignorance in terms of gravity of action.

Note: What I normally do is to use their own postings to comment on. I justify this as fair comment on posted and public material.

So this is my position. Sometimes some may accidentally do something that harms our players and our Nation. This is probably inevitable as we seek to find a way out of our malaise. We are looking for the road forward and sometimes we are misguided by our own ignorance of how things truly are, how things work and what is the gap we need to close. So I view this situation as normal and I think the solution here is just better communication to achieve understanding.

But there are a few individuals who deliberately sabotage in a premeditated manner. They do not care who or what they hurt or who they destroy so long as they get what they want. They are totally selfish and beyond reason. And they sabotage in a deliberate and premeditated manner with full knowledge of the consequences of their actions even if they take the entire chess community backwards.

Do you think we need to make that distinction? Am I wrong in my ignorance to make that distinction? Is it more helpful or less helpful to make that distinction?

Chess is essentially about decision making and developing judgement. So lets apply what we have learnt from the game to this situation. Will making a decision on this impact on whether we will be able to move forward or not?

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