Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our competition is ourselves.

Ref: Here.

I couldn't agree more with Tony's statement with regard to Malaysian chess. The only problem Malaysian chess has is ourselves. We have more than enough talent and the resources to get our own GM but we do not have the will to deal with the issues stopping our backward slide. We need to remove the brakes. U think?

See this again. Here. Is it a problem?


  1. We have talents... cannot follow the old training method which proven wrong. Training method need to be improved especially from middle to advance level.

  2. I absolutely agree. Changing to improved training methods is like pressing on the accelerator. But there is more I think.

    We also need to release the brakes. And the brakes are the "manufaturing" of suspect Fide ratings, suspect tournaments as well as the sabotage of players with biased selection criteria etc etc.

    Healthy competition is when we recognise that the competition is really with ourselves to continue to improve rather then putting others down. Only then will we really pull ahead.