Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Analysis from Asean

I hope I have shown that there has been two major perspective going into Asean. One came from the perspective of getting results. Results need not only be measured in monetary terms. It can also be measured by cohesiveness, the ability to work towards a goal etc.

Since this is football season, I will try to use a football analogy. The sponsors will be looking to see if there is a team that can produce results so they can get mileage from their sponsorship.

The other perspective came from control, control FGM, ensure that they do not get the numbers to make the venture a success. Put them in their place. And much energy was put into that. We even see the participation of parents, trainers etc.

From this experience, a penny dropped. I am now seeing clearer why MCF acted to support the COS structure. That is a structure that can allow the officials to have a post for life. Read here.

To me all the above actions represent a circling of the wagons. A defence of status quo. These actions, dramas, are more understandable if we can see the psychology behind it. The thinking behind the conscious and unconscious actions.

Consider this. If FGM had succeeded, the entire chess community may have benefited. A long term sponsor and all the other benefits of working together to achieve a goal. Some have speculated that its a few selfish people that are keeping Malaysian chess backward. Maybe that is true. But I think there is another reason.

Reread here what I said about Yeoh Li Tian.

What I see is behind all the strutting, posturing and pretence of confidence is FEAR. Malaysian chess has lost hope. We have lost our fighting spirit. The chess leaders do not believe they can produce results. And they are scrambling to protect their position because of this. Their desperate need for control comes from this deep seated fear.

Control what? If we do not change, we will never be stronger than our neighbours. I described to a Singapore Coach that mental resistance is the resistance towards change. And since Chess is a constantly changing game, the less resistance in the players mind the better player he becomes.

So we now have this resistance entrenched at the very pinnacle of Malaysian chess and the infection has spread downwards. Many are caught up in it, even parents and trainers.

There was a chance for a win. But in their fear they played a passive move. Or maybe they had already lost before they even came to the table. Have you seen this? Have you seen our chess players prepare their excuses for a loss before they even sit on the table? Is there a parallel in this to MCF's actions?

If they had fighting spirit, would they not be applying themselves for results, a win?


  1. Many of the points you raised in this and previous posts, I already brought up before. Sometimes I got flamed for doing just that.
    Mediocrity is entrenched in our sports and chess is not an exception. I seen how the chess officials telling players they did well to get xx place. Just read Peter Long blog on Malaysian performance at Asian Junior in India for a good example.

    Players become brain washed into thinking that their performance is fine because they have no coach , no support , no money ... just substitute whatever excuse you want in there.

    I never had a coach in my entire career, yet I managed to get the first IM title. Yee Weng, Mok Tze Meng and Wong Zi Jing were the others who also had little support from anyone.

  2. Thank you for your comment Jimmy. I'm a man that likes to find things out for myself, do my own evaluation and yes things look pretty dire. I think a good coach helps but that does not mean you just sit there and be spoonfed. And its not just the players. The support system of Association, Academies etc also need to be in place. You cant race a ferrari to its top performance in a kampong track. This was what we attempted to put in place.

    But this whole culture of just sitting down and letting others do the work is very entrenched, the culture of sabotage is very entrenched.

    I havent been in the chess scene long enough to make a determination but the infection is system wide. Makes it very hard for the players to excel if at all possible in this climate.

  3. Sad, but it seems that the self-pat-on-the-back syndrome virus may have been caught from Singapore!



    I personally do not understand why the FM title can be given so easily to 2 top-finishers. What's the point of tie-break then?

    We in Singapore are no better.

  4. A third perspective: Did u ever consider it is the wrong event that u'd chosen to kick start?

    The underlying factor was that ASEAN dates clashed directly with MSSM. R u aware that MSSM is "the event" for ordinary parent with school going children and more importantly is foc.

    As for those parents who can afford to send child for 1 event, it is only logical to put the money at ASIAN rather than ASEAN. Be it for prestige-wise, cheaper fee, etc. In the end, a child can join 2 prestige events for the price of 1. Maximize ROI.

    U analyze the players who went to ASEAN, why they and not others. Reason is simple: Either no longer in school system OR already taste MSSM success OR not qualified to represent their State OR championing the cause of the project.

    Think rationally, then u might c sabotaging element is quite minimal in effect.

  5. Actually, all factors have been weighed on the scale. There are other factors which I will post tomorrow.

  6. Malaysia is very good soil for chess player to become at least 2000 rating or even more.