Monday, June 21, 2010

Asean and the nature of opportunity

In chess we understand the nature opportunity. Opportunity comes in windows. And the windows open and close within a finite period. To win you have to recognise the opportunity and then seize it.

So in Asean an opportunity was presented.

Imagine this scenario and see if this was achievable. MCF, the service providers and parents cooperated to make this a succesful venture. We come back with a credible number of medals. First GM now approaches their sponsors and say, "hey look, we have got our act together. We are a viable and serious sport able to get results and deserving of support. And here is our proposal to get further mileage."

But what happened? The Asean opportunity is now for all intent and purpose closed.

I think there is a big lesson here in what not to do. And so we are now left with another opportunity. The opportunity to learn from our mistakes. If we do not, we will continue with the lament, the finger pointing and the drama that is now Malaysian Chess.

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