Saturday, June 26, 2010

Patronage vs merit based proposals

I recently had a conversation with the dad of one of our top National junior. It went like this. He said we needed to find another Dato Tan or Malaysian chess will not progress. I said its that thinking that got us into trouble in the first place.

We need to plan our structure and system without the need for patronage.
And then if patronage comes along, it's a bonus.

That is also why I did not participate in the discussion to replace Tan Sri Ramli. In my mind the man has not been given a fair shake. Get Malaysian chess on it's feet. Let us have a real product and then if he fails to promote chess, then maybe I will be open to such a discussion. Right now even Donald Trump will not be able to help. In the first place, how are you going to convince him to even spare a second's thought given our abysmal track record? Try Tony Fernandes? Hmmmmm.

From Patronage flows alot of ills. It's favour buying and favour debts to be paid. From this system good proposals get thrown out of the window and it gives rise to anonymous professionals. People who hide in the dark because their hands are dirty. People who will promote suspect methods, suspect programs that benefit no one except themselves and their patrons. I have seen this over and over again in construction and why I want no part of it anymore.

Part of what I will reveal is that there is money in tournaments, in chess. Yes, that what I have been informed in Subic Bay and also from our own Asean iniative. Just think of this. Why are so many in chess for so long? They constantly lament that they are doing this for the love of chess. If there is so much love then the first GM will already be here. It's a Jedi mind trick. Dont be fooled. The lies have gone on too long. And we have a whole line of victims to show for it. Open your eyes. More in later postings.

So who is First GM? We first entered the fray when we saw that maybe there is some hope for Malaysian chess with the new but inexperienced secretary. But the jury is still out.

We bring marketing expertise that is lacking in the current scene. We dabbled at starting an Academy but found that it requires alot of knowledge to set up good programs. And so we decided to partner people already in the game to short cut our learning curve. But with one caveat. They need to bring value. And so the Asean initiative. We acted transparently because we wanted to be judged solely on the value we provide. On merit. So we did not suck up to anyone.

But patronage is well grounded in Malaysian chess. The need to control is great, the fear is great.... No results. And in doing so, they make ego based decisions, the more drama the better, the better to confuse, to hide the facts. And what is the consequence? Now they will try to bring in the medals from Asian youth. And with enough medals another sponsor will start to get interested. Or is there a plan?

What would it be like if all that energy was focussed on getting results instead? What would it be like if we can stop the self sabotage?


  1. P,
    Getting ahead by merit ALONE is not possible anywhere in the World. You need to know the right people - I don't mean to get Patronage, or to practise Cronyism, Corruption etc, No. But to have a Good Relationship everywhere, if possible. So that everyone can help push you up, join in your cause, encourage & motivate you, when the chips are down.
    I believe in you, Raymond and First GM. I don't have much $$ nor the position, but how can I help you to help Malaysian Chess?

  2. Absolutely agreed. But who is the right people? I have argued that it took only 4 people who acted in unison to produce Yahoo. And they started out in a garage. So the first step is always to find out who you can trust. Without character no goals can be achieved. That is the same for chess. You will see many talented people crash out of the game for want of mental strength. And mental strength is first exhibited when you can tell the truth from the lie and you can hold on to that truth despite the fears. From there comes character. Keep reading the blog. The time will come when you will be given the opportunity to do something. And then you must seize your courage and do it. If you shy away, the opportunity is lost. Think of it like you are in a drawn position in chess. To win you need to take a risk, to trust your judgement. It's a good analogy. Do come up and introduce yourself if you see me around.

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