Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sponsoring Asean Training

There is a principle in presentation and negotiations; when all the facts and arguments have been presented and clarified and the response is askewed, then there is something else going on beneath the surface.

We were keen to sponsor the Asean training as it would have been a good step forward to preparation before international tournament and filled a gap in the system then.

And so First GM wrote to MCF to see if they would welcome such a move. That started a series of correspondence. We informed MCF that we would like to work in a partnering manner and outlined our plans transparently.

In a nutshell it was this, our supporter Air Asia has made an initial expression of interest. If we are able to present a united front and deliver some results we may be able to persuade them in the longer period. This was agreed on and so we embarked on this journey.

At that time, we were aware that there were many negative forces that wanted the status quo to remain for some reason or another and many rumours flying around as to the character of the many different chess leaders. But I like to find things out for myself. Let practice unfold. After all if we are to put significant effort and investment into First GM, we need to know the character of the players. So this was a test case.

The first Alarm bell rang when after agreeing to support the Asean initiative, MCF promoted the Asian games agressively. We immediately contacted MCF and said this was an act of sabotage and then demanded a series of action to correct this. And so a meet the parents with MCF was arranged to explain the proposal as well as a opening up of eligible participants beyond the top 4 of NAG. This was on the surface. I have since been informed that a MCF official was at the same privately calling the parents who agreed to go to Asean to go to Asian instead. But I did not know that at the time. Strike one.


  1. "We informed MCF that we would like to work in a partnering manner and outlined our plans transparently. "

    Raymond, please understand decision that MCF had made in recent history. It's unfortunate that you are too green to even know the recent history which lead you to claim on subotage.

    How can MCF be seen making a U-turn on policy with regards to offering of partnerships. Btw, do you realise, a lot of coffeshop talk on going that MCF made a U-turn by giving you an Official platform to promote your Academy. Some of these talks that I heard include Cronyism as factor.

    Those parties before you will then condemn MCF for favouritism and cronyism.

    As far as I know, it is in MCF best interest to stay as neutral as possible without favoring any ONE party related to chess. Which again, people/parties that didn't get the favour from MCF will then blame MCF for everything chess-related in M'sia.

    In fact, you can consider yourself lucky that MCF already offer the platform for you to have "Meet with parent" session. What you didn't realise is that parties before you were not given this opportunity.

    As you mature on your learning curve, you will slowly realise the reasons behind MCF policy making.

    One of the Anon's writer

  2. Hmmm, I thought I had removed the ability to post anonymously but obviously you have horned it to a fine art. Shooting from the dark. Unfortunately, chess is a game played in the glare of the light. Do you seriously think your opinion carries any weight if you cannot even give us your name?

  3. Well Ray,

    In the world of IT, nothing is impossible.

    Chess in many forms are played by people from all walks of life ranging from top-class politicians, low-class politicians, corporate towkays, underworld kingpins, police in operation, bus ticket sellers, marketplace, schools, etc. How comes you only see it should be played in "the glare of the light"? Btw, there is always more than 1 reason to remain in the dark. It's just a simple philosophy any strong chess player will adhere.

    My opinion is not important, I'm not here to create a name or catch people attention. What is important is whether the information that u r getting can help u learn the curve easier and faster, off course if u choose to listen on what u read.

    Did u ever notice that your postings actually receive fewer and fewer comments nowadays, maybe people (anonymous) just stop giving comments(advice) to you who keep insisting name, name, name .....

    If I say I'm Dato Tan, does it translates to heavyweight comment; or I'm 80 y.o. Chris who just enjoy playing the game, then does it means my comment has no weightage.

    What so important in the name?

    One of the Anon's writer

  4. Actually, you are proving interesting. A professional anonymous writer who uses half truths and ditortions to confuse. I was just musing that if it were not for people like you the RM10 million that Dato is reported to have spent on chess would have produced a few GM's. Yes, much is not right in Malaysian chess. Consider this. If that amount of money was spent almost anywhere else, what results would they have achieved.
    My primary concern now is that we have a new and inexperienced secretary in MCF who I believed wanted to do the right thing but cannot keep his mind clear against attacks of this nature. Of late I see him reacting to imagined fears from all corners. Surely he knows that history will judge him like they judged the previous admininstration; by results. So he must clear his mind and see you and people like you for who you really are. Or he will lose this chess game and this opportunity to set things right. Throwing another RM10 million will not get us results in Malaysian chess, cleaning out viruses will give much better results.

  5. Maybe, just maybe it is MCF that has to learn about how the real world works. The first step would be to acknowledge their past and current failures. You see MCF is really nothing to the outslde world but another failed organisation. Air Asia did not sponsor MCF, they were not even aware of it's existence until First GM brought it to its knowledge. That is the reality. No results, no recognition. That is how the real world works, how the business world works. You can only plead for charity for so long. In the world of chess, that thinking is called weak.