Thursday, March 18, 2010

The new COS, Associations and implications.

As some of us are aware, all affiliates of MCF are now required to register with the Commisioner of Sports as opposed to the Registrar of Societies. To me this move is a double edged sword.

This is my understanding:

Let me first explain from the perspective of the Association. An Association belongs to the members. So lets say an Association dissolves and the net value of its assets is RM 1K and it has 100 members, then theoretically each member should be reimbursed RM 10. This understanding has many implications. Firstly it means that elected committee members cannot be removed except by AGM as elected committee members represent the members who voted for him/her. Removing him/her tantamounts to removing the members who elected him/her.

Second, the members must be consulted before a move like dissolving itself and going under the COS umbrella unless the committee has been so authorised by the members at the AGM. So the case in question I would like to bring up here is the case of PICA. At the last AGM, it was decided to not join under COS until more information is brought to the members. After the committee was constituted, Dr Yee was appointed by the President to undertake this task. At committee meetings I have continually asked for feedback but none was forthcoming. Now I understand that PICA has applied to join MCF without bringing its findings back to the members via AGM/EGM. I wonder if it now makes the application invalid as this is now done against the agreement reached at AGM.

Now another big question is why was this done?

There are pros and cons as I said to registering under COS. One of the pros is that there is now a uniform constitution and this will make management of affiliates much easier. But it is only a pro if MCF exercises that authority and not act in collusion with abuses.

Now there is also a big, big con. Associations like PICA now become an umbrella body. So PICA now has affiliates. I am only surmising here now... maybe that is why no report was forthcoming in the PICA committee. Somebody is busy creating PICA's own affiliates. And with it control of PICA ad infinitum if done properly.

I have been asked many times by many people. How do you get rid of non performing officers in MCF? My answer has always been the same. You have to influence enough affiliates of MCF or their posts becomes one for life, a long and winding road, or when they voluntarily step down.

Personally I prefer the structure where members can elect or remove directly for the affiliates, with MCF as the umbrella but with uniform constitution with bite. A hybrid of the new and old structure. Chess is a small body. The new structure becomes too bureaucratic with too many umbrella bodies and can lead to more politics in chess.

So coming back to the case with PICA. My argument with MCF is that PICA is applying for membership with MCF now. So if my case has validity, it can reject that application. Maybe a new MCF meeting for stakeholders can be convened. The new structure may be a huge mistake that can stunt Malaysian chess for another 40 years or more.

This is my best understanding and I had to work out stuff by myself via inference without adequate information. I hope others with more knowledge can contribute.

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