Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So where to now FGM?

When we are looking for team mates for a team event, we look for players that can hold their own. If even one player acts selfishly or does not perform, the team goal will be lost. FGM was in a unique situation of being sponsor, program manager for the training and mind coach for Asean. So we got deep insights.

There was a goal. Our goal was simply to see if the team can act in unison to bring back the best possible result so that we can write a report card back to our supporters and say chess is something to consider sponsoring in the longer term.

What we saw was a MCF who on one hand said they supported and then told Adzlin's husband that FGM was making MCF look bad directly after the meet the parents, called parents behind our backs to tell them not to go to Asean, a supplier who gave suspect quotes for services not rendered and who even had the audacity to say he expected Tony Fernandes to be at the flag ceremony and told me he wanted to confront Adzlin on this etc. etc.

Team members who just sat down and shirked their responsibilty and expected FGM to carry them all. In my conversation with that dad of our National Junior, I also said this. Dato Tan is a very rare commodity and someone like him may only make an appearance once a century if you are "lucky". No one else will spend 10 million and expect no results.

I remember telling Adzlin at the onset of this venture. I said there is a slim chance of success. And that chance can only come if the new Secretary of MCF can act with courage. I saw him surrounded and isolated. Very hard to perform under those circumstances. So I said, lets give him a hand. If he can show results, it will strengthen his hand for change. But he failed.

So is all hope lost? No. In my own story, I hope I have shown that it is never too late to turn things around. But you must find back your fighting spirit. Then and only then are you a fit leader for a mental fighting sport like chess.

So what to do now? What is the next step? If at all possible, MCF and all the other party's involved can acknowledge their failings, give an apology to FGM and attempt to make restitution. That would be a strong move.

If they can't find the strength to do that, maybe it's not the time yet, then I suggest they still reflect on what has happened and treat the next potential sponsor with some respect and carry their own load.

FGM will now take a step back and see if a winning team and a winning formula will come into existence. If not we will not engage. FGM can help but it is beyond our ability to carry the whole lot of them. For that you need a Dato Tan. We are aware of our limitations.

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