Monday, March 29, 2010

What is the essence of competition?

Just had an interesting chat with Mark. Asked him the same question. To me the essence of competition is changing yourself. We cannot stop the other chess player from improving. How? Take away his ebooks? Ask him not to think? Try and mislead him with false information? Are any of these methods likely to work?

Waste of time, same as blaming or making excuses.

If we are serious about competing in the international arena and bringing home the first GM, then all we need to do is change ourselves, learn faster, train harder. And we can do this by not wasting our energy in the above mentioned dead end roads.


  1. Raymond,
    Nice wise words of encouragement. BTW, where do you get these little nuggets of wisdom from?
    Keep on writing Raymong. :)
    Best regards,

  2. Not sure lah my friend. Sometimes it just come to me when I am talking or sitting still. Then I get scared about writing it down in case it sounds stupid or something. Now I just put it down and hope it is helpful to someone and dont give a toss if someone laughs or not.